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Al-Maqamat is one of the most famous books of Arab literature during the Middle-Age. It tales the funny adventures of a tricky traveler, a genius in language, grammar and poetry, Abu Zayd. Moreover, we can see that calling extremist and puritan Islam of nowadays “a return to Middle-Age” is stupid, when we are reading these stories, where people enjoyed to drink wine and fall in love with beautiful and handsome youths, from both genders… No, Middle-Age period was not at all a general Talibanstan…These Maqamat had been wonderfully illustrated as we still admire in some manuscripts. Among them, the “Saint Pertersbug Maqamat” were stupidly mutilated in Ottoman period, by its pious owner from Amid. But people around him were so furious that they brought him front of the Cadi who punished him “for having spoilt a chef d’oeuvre”…

For the biggot, considering that representation of alived humans and animals is forbidden by islam, decided to “kill” them, by cutting their throats or their heads. Then it spared the book of total destruction, but I think that Hell is full of such fanatic assholes !

An else manuscript, painted by al-Wasitî is in the National Library of France.

But there is another version in the same Library, painted in Syria-Jazirah, dated also from the 13th century. Some “Seances” happened in cities well known by Kurds : Sinjar, Nasîbin (Nusaybin), Farqîn (Silvan), Melatî (Malatya).

So in the 18th seance, we are in Sinjar, where a trader organizes a somptuous banquet.


Maqâma 18: Abû Zayd leaving the wedding banquet in Sinjar
Cote : Arabe 6094 , Fol. 55
Al-Harîrî, Maqâmât, Syrie, Jazîra, XIII century

… where Abû Zayd, after telling a twisted and tricky story, successed that the trader gave him, adding to the meal, the silver plates in which he ate, and the slave who served him…

In Nasibîn (19° Seance), Abu Zayd pretended to be seriously ill and everybody ran to him with a lot of gifts and consolations…


Maqâma 19: Abû Zayd is ill
Cote : Arabe 6094 , Fol. 59v
Al-Harîrî, Maqâmât, Syrie, Jazîra, XIIIth century

In Farqîn, he claimed that he had to bury a beloved friend without having any money to buy a shroud and in Meletî/Malatya he resolved many difficult enigmas in a feast of scholars and poets.


Maqâma 36: Abû Zayd and his listeners
Cote : Arabe 6094 , Fol. 126
Al-Harîrî, Maqâmât, Syrie, Jazîra, XIIIth century

But of which place was originated Abû Zayd the tramp, the maestro of words and traps in Islam, the fox of Mesopotamia ?

Well, he doesn’t keep silence about it : his dear homeland is Sarûj, which was at this time under Frank’s rule, a part of the Earldom of Edessa… and during all the book he cried about his exile. Nowadays the city called Surüc and still depends on Urfa/Edessa/Riha district…In short, the so famous Abû Zayd was a Rihawî 🙂

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  1. Diyako Medya says:

    Arab literature!!!?? Did I hear Arab literature? Or Camel literature?
    Do you think these creatures really have literature with highest record destruction records; OH yeah is only 1415 years of culture of destruction.

  2. tomjez says:


    you’re weird

  3. piling says:

    It is because as a french I am a prt of the Arab plot, also.

  4. Diyako Medya says:

    Tamjerk;Yes, I am wired, because I am Kurdish,
    Hey French dude” pilling”, if I am not, mistaken I would like to have some history check with you,
    who give nuke reactors to Iraq early 1970, wasn’t the kangaroo tree guy (current French president), and also more wired staff, who give Arabs license to kills Kurds with help of BIG Daddies, “the English” in border of turkey and Syria after ottoman empire, and forcibly the cut the part of Kurdistan to Syria and give rest to mercy of Turks ”Mongols” with Lozan agreement, well getting ,more wired again, wasn’t you guys almost instinct the entire Berbers nation in Algeria, Tunisia and left them to mercy of Arab thugs and so on? What happened to Ruanda, other colonies??. What about Basque Country, Irish in your back door, did you kill them all? …
    Let be clear of this while is certain evidence there is no nation called as such French,
    I am also certain that, toady so called French are cousins of Arabs, check histories that clear evidence presence of Semitics 1000 years before e BC. Only you may have some English blood and that is no wonder, once a English King Ruled French and he ordered killing entire almost French race unless he kept women’s alive,.
    ,While camel literature may have ruled Kurdistan for More than 1400, and our nation still stand, you know why? Well you wouldn’t know.

    You and your peoples with building couple intuition or Kurdish webs making fun and insult of Kurdish nation, you think your peoples your country can get away with these crimes??
    Perhaps your mistake already hunts you down, well ones told me Paris is becoming small Arabia, and well that is great Congratulation!!! No wonder making joke about Kurds .Arab phobia is already in your brain.

  5. piling says:

    “am also certain that, toady so called French are cousins of Arabs, check histories that clear evidence presence of Semitics 1000 years before e BC. Only you may have some English blood and that is no wonder, once a English King Ruled French and he ordered killing entire almost French race unless he kept women’s alive,.”

    With a such amount of impressive “scientific” knowledges, you should have a phd in Science Fantasy at least ! 😀

  6. Diyako Medya says:

    I already Have PHD dude!! I don’t need French PHD

    The fact is whole word of French itself is a fantasy, there is no such peoples or nations called French, Today so called France is a collectives and mix combinations of different peoples. Same like Turks peoples from no where with heroic nationalism and proud.
    Some researches believe The French people (French: les Français, which etymologically derives from the word Franks, a Germanic tribe which overan Gaul at the end of the Roman empire) are the sovereign people of France,(therefore if that is true, the land perhaps belong to Germans) composed of all French citizens, which means is like Turks anyone live turkey is Turkish. regardless of ethnic origins or religious opinions. The French people therefore comprise all French (which means anyone who live with border so called France, is French citizens, including the French overseas departments and territories. Henceforth, members from any ethnic group can be included in the French people, as long as they have French nationality, whether by jus soli (“right of territory”) or by naturalization.
    Many English-language sources, among them the U.S. Department of State, define the “French people” as consisting of a “Celtic and Latin ,Semitic with Teutonic” majority, with “Slavic, North African, Sub-Saharan African, Indochinese, and Basque minorities”. The Celtic and latin ,Semitic with teutonic majority could be viewed as the original “ethnic French” population. However, this definition is contested for a variety of reasons:
    • Lumping all the indigenous French together into an inexistent “Celtic and Latin, Semitic with Teutonic ethnic group” does not take into account ethnic cleavages within the French state (Occitans, Bretons etc…). Many of these peoples did not speak French as a mother tongue until the beginning of the 20th century.
    • Consequently, it is unacceptable to define an ethnic group solely by the fact that its members are white, western European and indigenous to the geographical region that is now France. Especially when, in many cases, there is little or no significant cultural difference between them and French citizens whose parents or grandparents were immigrants?
    • The list of minorities stemming from immigration is simplistic and incomplete. Large minorities in France include the Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Armenian and Greek, which are not mentioned in this definition. It is also simplistic to consider “North Africans” an ethnic minority. These can be divided into Morrocans, Tunisians and Algerians but also, and perhaps more importantly, into Imazighen (Berbers) and Arabs (or Arab speakers) as well as into Muslim and Jewish North Africans.
    • This definition, which implies (without overtly stating) the existence of an indigenous French people as opposed to immigrant minorities, is offensive to many French citizens and contrary to the principles of the French Republic. See: French citizenship and identity At the same time, it must be admitted that the definition used is careful in not calling the indigenous majority “ethnic French”. The possible inclusion of the Basque (A Nation, which their homeland has been occupied by France and Spain) among the list of otherwise immigrant

  7. Diyako Medya says:

    One more thing:
    Today with that mix :
    Nearly one in four French people are on tranquillisers, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics or other mood-altering prescription drugs, a new report says.

    An average of 40 per cent of men and women aged over 70 in France are routinely prescribed at least one of this class of dependence-creating drug, as well as about 4 per cent of all children under nine.

  8. piling says:

    I think you should try neuroleptics in your case 😉

  9. tomjez says:

    Cyanure could sove the problem as well 🙂

    “I already Have PHD dude!! I don’t need French PHD”


  10. Rosemary says:

    Dear Piling,
    Just because you live in France, we do not hold it against you! lol.

    This is very interesting. Thank you.

  11. Diyako Medya says:

    Thank you Rosemary,
    Well French Dude ”pilling” we don’t have camel literature,, so you safe with Median(Kurds),however since your neighborhood tuning to Arabia, you better watch those head choppers “Arabs” , they may get confuse , as you not been their cousin.
    So you must be having neuroleptics already!!!!

  12. Administrator says:

    Each morning, I clean the blog from spam comments. Sometimes, considering the high level of interest of your own interventions, (from you and Hejar) I am heroic to not send you in spam box *sigh*

    And as you live yourself out of Kurdistan I suppose you should be happy that some “asylum lands” exist, like France or Australia, for Arabs as for Kurds.

  13. Diyako Medya says:

    Are you insulating Kurds!! Now you have hit wall cant discuss issues in civilize manner and start insulting Don’t you think this whole asylum issues is related your French small brain!!! do you think if the evil country like France didn’t fall apart the Kurdistan, we never see you ugly face in France. When days come ugly person like you have a lot things to answer for it. NOW YOU ARE USING “Administrator” NICK TO BE SMART ASS, of course I am not happy about French ,Don’t you dare talk about Australia, how you dare compare Australia, the land freedom and multi cultural ,with racist and terrorist state like France. Australia is my country is greatest country in earth. Your evil France in 2003 used United Nation as much as possible and did everything possible to keep Saddam in power so that he can finish the rest of Kurds. You still billions Kurd money is in France and Swiss bank. EVEN FRANCE SELL WHOLE LAND SO CALLED FRANCE TO PAY OFF FOR THE SUFERING, IN WHICH KURDISH NATION BEEN THROUGH STILL NOT ENOUGH, 400000 Kurds in Syria is not recognized as human been, thank to your France.

    Spam box; you freighting me, well is just shows that you are loser, you been using Kurds, and creating site, that not allowing what Kurds have to say and start insulting them. Well then I get what I need to know, I was right all way along.

  14. piling says:

    Well I have nothing against Australia, but at least they had exterminated their own indigenous people, had not they ? Do you thint that one state in the world is absolutely clean ?

    And I never notice a real civilization in your frantic and funny performances 🙂

    By the way that is without importance, you are so comic that you are one of the entertainment of this blog…

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