Öcalan : Bes,ikçi the bad guy harms Turkish State…

Posted on April 4th, 2006 by piling

This time, Abdullah Öcalan criticizes Ismaîl Bes,kçi (not surprising, if we think that all the people who made and make REALLY something for Kurdish cause are soon or late a target). But the motive is one of the funniest : Ismaïl Bes,ikçi attacks Turkish State ! Mmm… very bad guy, isn’t it ? In any case, Öcalan could not overlook a such mistake. Then, during his last meeting with his lawyers, on February 28th, he stated fiery critics against the Turkish sociologist, who faced already legal pursuits in Turkey for his academic works about Kurds, while the PKK was not still existed.

According the the Sun of Humanity, this man is weakening the Kurdish nationalism by attacking Turkish State. No risk that Öcalan makes one day the same error, be sure…

Just because Bes,ikçi (what a dark mentality dared to say that Öcalan – The Light of 20th Century Thinking – is under the control of Turkey, and that it would be better if he shut his mouth. Facing such unfair statements, the Guru’s answer is majestuous :

“What Bes,ikçi said is weakening Kurdish nationalism” (though the same guy told that it is a bad nationalism, whatever…). “Behind him, there states… (but not Turkey as you are going to see…) Foreign presidents want to use Kurdish nationalism, I know it (barzanî and Talabanî if you haven’t guessed). But they had to know that these old moon of Kurdish nationalism is unveiled, they want to oppose an old nationalism (Kurdish) to chauvinist nationalism (Turkish ?). This is a bitter game. Our people, even if they stay hungry should not fall in the trap. This problem is very important. Everybody should stay far from nationalism (Kurdish).”

And Öcalan repeats that he is against the creation of a Kurdish State, but for a Unitarian Turkish State (we believe it, undoubtedly). As for Kurds, they should learn to build democracy (Don’t laugh!!!).

And it is for that fool that young Kurds die or kill in Kurdistan or in Istanbul…(source Kerkuk-Kurdistan)

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27 Responses to “Öcalan : Bes,ikçi the bad guy harms Turkish State…”

  1. Hejar says:

    Just shut your mouth !
    Do not insult the beloved KURDISH leader !
    Besikci is respected by Ocalan and his followers!
    You just move from liberary to Turkish war office
    and fill in thease rubish from there !

  2. piling says:

    Ismaïl Bes,kçi himelf said that Öcalan is a puppet in MIT’s hand. Apparently, Öcalan did not appreciate it… Only truth hamrs 😉

  3. Vladimir says:

    Can you give me the direct link;)?

  4. Hejar says:

    Ismayil Beshikchi is respected by all kurds.
    A cheap person like you can not use his name to attack kurds!
    You …………….

  5. piling says:

    Do you read KURDISH ? Then read the link, dumby. I don’t attack this man I respect him but YOUR coward leader do it.

  6. Hejar says:

    Be honest ! and think a little.
    Do not you think by miscrediting Ocalan ,you insult kjurdish cause?

  7. Hejar says:

    Be honest ! and think a little.
    Do not you think by miscrediting Ocalan ,you insult kjurdish cause?

  8. Hejar says:

    Be honest ! and think a little.
    Do not you think by miscrediting Ocalan ,you insult kjurdish cause?

  9. Hejar says:

    Be honest ! and think a little.
    Do not you think by miscrediting Ocalan ,you insult kjurdish cause?

  10. Hejar says:

    Be honest ! and think a little.
    Do not you think by miscrediting Ocalan ,you insult kjurdish cause?

  11. Vladimir says:

    Recently Ismail Beciksi expressed his doubts about the PKK strategy. Maybe this has to do with this.

  12. Piling says:

    No need to stutter, heval ! 😀 By the way Öcalan is the greatest insult to the Kurdish cause.

    Vlad : I think that it is a bit related 😉

  13. Diyako Medya says:

    I think you guys misleading, you cant imagine what is Ocalan condition, he never been saying bad things about Ismaîl Beskçi, his analysis not every small brain can understand, what Ismaîl Beskçi really also sad about it is telling PKK leaders that Ocalan in total control of Turkish army, and they should make their own decision and not from prison.

  14. piling says:

    “you cant imagine what is Ocalan condition”

    Certainly better than the conditions where stayed in jail Bes,ikçi himself, and he never became Kemalist in prison.

  15. Hejar says:

    OK ! You call Ocalan Kemalist, You claim Ismayi Beshikchi’s condition has been worse than him. You are obsessed by the name of Ocalan, The same obsession that adherents of
    Gray Wolves feel about him and kurds.
    Just think a little ! How a person far away from the harsh realities of Kurdish struggle give herself permission to humilate kurdish feelings all the time.
    What is the reason for that ?
    Is not it better to engage in a positive way ?

  16. piling says:

    I’m not obsessed by Öcalan but you. I make many posts on the blog, not only about the PKK but you only react to them 😀

    and stop to confuse your own personnal problems with “Kurdish feelings” you are not the whole Kurdistan, poor guy.

  17. Hejar says:

    You poor kurdish fed woman !
    come to your senses!

  18. Rojhat Rami says:

    Guys, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. just some people hare really stupid opinions so you guys go ahead and argue.

  19. Hejar says:

    Rojhat Rami !
    I am confident you agree with me that there is a difference between uttering opinion, or orchestrating a consentant hate campign against a kurdish movent that if we like it or not representing a vast section of pupolation who are defending thier rights and identity.

  20. tomjez says:

    and also


    you’re welcome

  21. Hejar says:

    And the hell with your humour.

  22. tomjez says:

    ahah “touché”….

  23. hejar says:

    I heard they”… uked” you Tomjes!

  24. Friend Of a Former PKK says:


    I have had many friends fighting the turkish state, they were members of PKK but they all dropped out from PKK becasue they realised that Öcalan was working for the turkish state!

    He is Turk!

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