Just stupid

Posted on January 27th, 2006 by piling

The PKK which had kidnapped a Turkish policeman in Northern Kurdistan, four months ago, has just released him… in Southern Kurdistan.

Very very clever, very nice for Southern comrads, when in the same time, Turkey claims its will to control Kirkuk and prevent the raising of a stable and autonomous Kurdistan…. a complete Southern Kurdistan.

Naturally they could not release him in the North, within Turkish borders ? Of course not ! They need to show and prove that they operate from their Southern basis, just for giving good reasons to Turkish bellicists which justify a “military presence or future intervention” precisely with the PKK HQ in “Iraq”.

Well done, like usually. We could be sure that they will always try to ruin the independance of neighboured Kurds. They were not be able to win the war nor to have a state, but they will make everything to prevent any of their compatriots to be free.

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21 Responses to “Just stupid”

  1. Tom says:

    Well actually if it can help PKK supporters can start to understand that PKK is really working with turkish extremists…that is so obvious now!!

  2. piling says:

    You know the problem with fanatic is that they wouln’t see an elephant in a corridor if their guru say us “there is no elephant.. it is an international plot against the cause ! “

  3. tomjez says:

    Yeah and if they have a doubt it is “I see an elephant, but Apo say there is no elephant, so I’m probably wrong, he knows better”

  4. Dyaoko says:

    it is a mistake to give Turkey a reason to put pressure on Kurds, specially when it is time to take Kirkuk back , and Turkey needs a reason to not let Kurds take Kirkuk back.

    I hope PKK listen to these crtics and not repeart such mistakes , and learn from their mistakes.

  5. Hejar says:

    The comments by TOM and Piling are reflections of a blind hatred towards Kurdish Movement in North of Kurdistan. This is a very strange mission that some of “friends” of the kurdish people
    have shoulderd in blogs consentratiing on kurdish issue.
    Now Turkish army and Turkish intellegence services for long long ago are aware of PKK fighters presence in another part of their
    country , and Kurdish leadership in Southern Kurdistan have not
    bowed so far for ouside pressure to launch a fratricide.
    If you have the slightest sympathy for Kurdish cause you should flag for kurdish unity not heinous slandring against one important section of this movement

  6. tomjez says:

    Well if you’re fond of kurdish unity read what I wrote about PKK in Southern Kurdistan. Does not seem they were too concerned about it. “if-you-don’t-like-PKK-you-are-not-a-friend-of-the-kuuurds”. That’s realy boring to hear that 50 times a week. I’m friend with who I want, I really doubt there is no assholes in a nation of 40 millions people.

  7. Hejar says:

    The way you formulate your ideas receal your real
    charectre, you can not speak such a great issue as
    kurdish nobel struggle, with such words. The Turkish ethnicists do that every day.

  8. tomjez says:

    I just have difficulties to understand how you can speak of “noble” talking about PKK. What is noble about trying to make turkey invade south kurdistan?
    The way you formulate your ideas reveal you were brainwashed…PKK never stand for kurdish unity, unless you call “unity” destroying every opposition. When Öcalan order to syrian kurds to stay quiet and not bother “patriotic state” of syria, I would like to know where is kurdish unity.

  9. Hejar says:

    Tomjez !
    The reality is that you repeat things that they have been said time and again.When you judge kurdish issue you should see it
    in a wide perspective. Before Ocalan’s ideas the kurdish outlook was very regional although there were contacts before political formations of divided parts of Kurdistan , this
    impact in itself is “Noble” , because you may know better than me that all these injustices against kurds first and formost must be attributed to their disunity.
    I am not aware of PKK destroying opposition. Why they should do that? bearing in mind that kurdish distinct identity originally is denied for the sake of “nation building” , the kurdish political movements should have unlimited tolerance and understanding for diversity and respet opposition in their front.
    Then the question comes up what are the differences between opposition and animosity ?
    If you start your reasoning by dissuading a political minded kurdish individual whose identity is being won back as a result of Ocalan’s ideas , it is hard to expect any understanding from her/his side.
    Before being aquinted with Ocalan’s ideas I felt as a Turk , but now thanks to him I have won back my Kurdish identity, I see that as a nobel event. If you think otherwise It is up to your judgement.

  10. piling says:

    “I am not aware of PKK destroying opposition. Why they should do that? ”

    Another good one ! :)) Hejar you are the humorist of the PKK, I’m sure !

  11. tomjez says:

    “Before being aquinted with Ocalan’s ideas I felt as a Turk , but now thanks to him I have won back my Kurdish identity, I see that as a nobel even”

    So now if you follow Öcalan you think that Atatürk is great and you’re ready to do anything to help turkey??

    “why should they do that” is really worrying, even from a PKK. Most of the PKK I know admit that PKK kills opponent but say it’s normal, that’s war 🙂

  12. piling says:

    “Most of the PKK I know admit that PKK kills opponent but say it’s normal, that’s war :)”

    Perhaps Hejar is not a good heval. He will have trouble with his hierarchy if he say that Apo ‘s wrong by ordering murder… Be careful !

  13. Hejar says:

    Piling !
    You have no right , absoluty not to address me like that.
    As a kurd a warn you you are not in a position to offend the feeling of nobel people of Northern Kurdistan.

  14. piling says:

    Hejar, stop to think that YOU represent millions of Kurds, even if the PKK told it to you. Are you not able to be only yourself ? When people say all the time “we” it means that they can’t be “I”.

  15. hejar says:

    I am not represnting any body, But I am part of a collective whose individual and collective rights are denied in the most brutal fashion. That is why I give myself the right to ask others not
    to offend the feelings of a great majority of this collection.
    If you follow the news just yesterday 7 people were gunned down by Iranian army in Northern part of Eastern Kurdistan for they asked for OCALAN’s release. Do you think it is justified to offend the feelings of these innocent peoples loved once ? The brutal treatment against kurds and their symbols of struggle deserves another approach different from yours !

  16. piling says:

    I think it is a very bad and stupid reason to die.

  17. hejar says:

    But are you insisting your stupidity to offend kurdish feelings
    or not ?

  18. piling says:

    Apocî’s feeling is not equal to “Kurdish feelings”.

  19. hejar says:

    You are not the one to define Kurdish feelings !
    You are an outsider !

  20. piling says:

    Outsider is a nice function, and I like it. Better than to a docile sheep in the militant troop.

  21. hejar says:

    You are a lamb, not a sheep, who hate militancy!

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