Khalilzad : America and Kurdistan alliance will make a new world

Posted on December 28th, 2005 by Dyaoko

Hewler Post has done an interview with Zalmay Khalilzad the Afghan origin ambassador of the USA in Iraq about the future of Kurdistan and America’s relations.
In which Mr Ambassodr says America wants to keep both Kurdistan and Turkey as alley and make them have good relationship with each other.
Mr Ambassodr also said , PKK should be removed from the grounds of Iraq and they have assured Turkey that Kurdistan will never be independence .
he also promised to open American consulate in Kurdistan for official ties.

Zalmay : let forget 1975 . Kurds always suspected America’s betray , for the bitter thing happened to Kurds by aljazaer’s agreement which America backed to the Kurds and killed Kurdish revolution .cheap jumping castles for sale

The agreement of 1975 was a bitter unpleasant thing, and that has been a negative element between Kurd and America’s relation.
Right now the relation of Kurd and America is so strong, and that started after the Kuwait invasion , and no fly zone in Northern Iraq .
And during the liberation process of Iraq , Kurds were a strategic alley and after that they have had a main rule in Iraqi political process.
And we support the federal government that Iraqi people voted for .
President of KRG was warmly accepted by President bush in Washington and I believe we wont come back to the bitter days that we saw in 1975 , we should more think about our alliance and right now we are in the peak strength of our alliance .

Kurdish American will create a new world?

Zalmay Khalilzad said we are all in the same project, the strategic alliance of America with Kurds is necessary to make a new Iraq and a new region .
He said recreating the region will make a new world , he said this alliance is necessary to change the middle east which is the region that makes the most problems for the world , and by this America will protect his own and others security.

America’s Policy : Kurds and Turks Should have good relations

The Hewler post reported asked Khalilzad, America is under Turkey’s pressure that America is trying to make an independence Kurdistan, how America is going to keep alliance with both Kurds and Turks without making one side angry ?

He replied “without any dobth Turkey is a very important alley of America, Iraq and Kurds are also our alley . America wants strong relation between all of us , Turkey must have good relation with Iraq and Kurdistan .
Last time I came to Salahdain for Iraqi opposition conference, Turkey had wanted to send its troops to Northern Iraq, but I didn’t let them do that .
At that time I did an important rule to prevent Turkish army to enter Kurdistan.

And now Iraq is going to be stabilized and we hope that Turkey be helpful to stabilize iraq and make a new middle east. Just some days ago I visited Turkey and officially told them they must have good relation with Iraq and also Kurdistan. It is not my policy, it is united states of America’s.

I have assured Turks Kurdistan won’t be independence.
PKK should be removed from Kurdistan.

Reported asked ambassador “Turkish medias occasionally accuse America that they want to make an independence Kurdistan and they don’t remove PKK , and in their relation with America they stress those things ”

Khalilzad said
” Turkey shouldn’t be afraid of an independent Kurdistan , I have told Turkey , that Kurds don’t need an independence government , and they don’t want that and they are not trying for that , and their leaders want to be a part of Iraq , and I have assured Turks of this ”
he continued
“about PKK , we as America, see PKK as a terrorist organization , and they should not be in Iraq and Kurdistan , and by my idea , agreements should signed between Iraq and Turkey and also between Turkey and Kurdistan , so they help each other against them , and I am hopeful that they will be successful”

America to open consulate in Kurdistan !

Reported asked why there is no American consulate in Kurdistan .
Ambassador answered”
Some days ago we started making an American university in Slemani , we have also send Korean troops to Hewler to improve the economy of the region .

About the consulate it is a nice question… we should have a building for official diplomatic tie, and we are going to open one in Hewler , and our ties will be official.

Soon big teams of American businessmen will come to Kurdistan, which will have great effect on the Kurdistan economy.”

Translated from Kurdish by Dyaoko , Read the source in Kurdish here

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4 Responses to “Khalilzad : America and Kurdistan alliance will make a new world”

  1. piling says:

    “let’s forget 1975″… yeah 🙂 and 1991 too !
    Sweet words and promises, but I know that Kurdish leaders don’t trust them too much. American will stay Kurds’ friends as so long as they need them. And this time is a good opportunity, when US have to face all the Arab and islamic world, except Turkey and Kurdistan. So the more US will be in trouble in the ME, the more Kurds will be safe.

  2. Dyaoko says:

    I dont trust khalilzad’s words, he is giving Kurds just Virtual words , but giving Turkey Reall things.

    last time khalilzad had said the article 58 of the iraqi law must be established and all illegal arabs hould leave kiruk and kurds should come back to kirkuk.

    then when he left kurdistan, he said in another interview “I never said such a thing, No arabs would be forced to leave kirkuk , Kurds wont be allowed to do such a thing”

    in Farsi to Mr Khalilzad-> Aghaye Khalilzad, harfaye ghashangi mizanin , ama ba amaleton yeki nist .

  3. Zanyar says:

    The name of the God

    Please help me to study in american.

    My name is Zanyar Ali, I am student in Sulaimani university college of veterinary medicine first class.

    I have question:
    * I am going to study in your university college of oil engineering? God willing.

    I like it is very much to study in american.
    I am very happy to respond me soon and you have to help me to take me in oil engineering and I am so appreciated for all of you to make that and the purpose behind my coming there is to serve you and my city(Kirkuk).

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    I wish you luck.

  4. I personally would like to give Kordeistan to Kurdish if you help us to separate kurdish land from Iraq and Turkey. Remember that according to the latest news Kurdish in Turkey are under the danger of descrimination by Turk government. One of their ladies was in jail.

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