Ba’ath newspaper makes Kurdish propaganda

Posted on June 27th, 2006 by piling

A Syrian newspaper, though very respectful of official political line, entitled “Al-Ba’ath” is threatened by judicial reprisals by the strict and humourless ARAB Syrian Republic (and death to non-Arabs) for having published a separatist Kurdish symbol.

For the first page of the newspaper published pictures of Soccer World Cup. Unfortunately, tricky Kurds enjoy to deploy Kurdish flags front of the world screens, so after Iran TV, Ba’athist news had to show these three-coloured nightmare…

Journalists risk serious judicial troubles, and their only justification is that they were not awared it was the Kurdish flag… The next time they will ask to mukhabarat (secret servces).


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14 Responses to “Ba’ath newspaper makes Kurdish propaganda”

  1. Diyako Medya says:

    I have followed this news in some sites, I solutes this Kurdish youths, who raised the holiest flag(Ala Rengin), The Flag of Media(Kurdistan). The event in Syria is not surprising, Arab camels, with their haters toward true Aryan race, the Kurds is very logical one, for barbarian(Arabe ReÅŸ) any thing that smell Kurdishness is intolerable, For so called Syria time is ticking, they will pay for all inhumane crime against Kurdish nation, they will be soon seeking shelters in Africa or Saudi Arabia.
    I was wondered why this youths gather in barbarian matches (Arabs match, Saudi Arabia& Tunisia), was the reason? Well must be, and the event which has fallen, it proves to be the case. However I was wishing they could raise in some more power full countries matches, to cross massages more efficient.

  2. dyaoko says:

    ha ha ha !

  3. hejar says:

    Dear Diyako Medya !
    I am afraid no rasist pronuncement should be made in the name
    of defending kurdish rights. Aryan Race is a desighn for hatred
    agains others. Please make note that we live in 21 centurey, and ethnic animosity just produce counter hatred. And IT DOEE NO GOOD FOR KURDS what so ever.
    Her Biji

  4. Diyako Medya says:

    To Mr Hejar & whole world

    I totally disagree Hejar, you may staying 21 century but I guess I am one century a head not behind in terms of knowledge , Kurdishness every possible thing you can think of so Stop there Dude!!! Now let talk about real issue:
    The Time for Kurds to say how to feel, how they think, they shall not be afraid any thing, stop telling Kurds, don’t say that, don’t do, this or that that was old century ,like anyone you may be fool consider me Kurdish Nazi, well if that so I am so proud, so bit it, we nation like everyone( not mention peoples so called Palestinian with bombing and mass heading of incense Israelis’ have much respect in front European eyes, million dollar aids, gift!! Wow !!to just create 22nd Arab country in heart Israel, and shy defenseless Kurd shall be cleaned up, don’t confuse yourself, we as median, we civilized peoples, we not killers and murders, but hey! Strange world nations like that has been gain popularity), if in France ultra nationalist circle exists, time for Kurds have to, is our right (put in your brain is all about rights) because we have full right like any man kind.

    What you had said is a lot sound like communist or hippies as well as enemies of Kurds slogans, they have been telling Kurds to keep your feeling inside themselves, which is not good for you, will harm you! How worse can get??? Well my friend I tell you now, that is very wrong!!! And for sake your 21 century Kurds have right to say, what ever they think of.
    You said about ethnic haters, make me laugh! Whole Islam world with whole Arabs, Turkicand Persian world want to suck Kurdish blood as much possible, and you talking about ethnic hatreds.

    LET ME CLEAR MY PERSPECTIVE TO YOU : NATIONALISM AND KURDISH PROUD IS KEY FOR KURDISH NATION TO RISE ONCE FOR ALL, and remember thanks to this proud and this ethnic value , you mother father still from Kurdish decedent, many nations and race totally washed up by this barbarian, and Kurds still alive and stand, ask your self why? Have you ever been northern Kurdistan, still some fellow Kurds shame to call them self Kurds? it has come to point where even Turks try to convince defenseless and poor Kurds that even god was Turk, any glory in mankind have been belong to Turks, Can you ask why? How could be Kurds in your 21 century in edge Europe, living in this kind misery like 2000 years ago, nearly half millions Kurds in south west Kurdistan still not recognized as human been, and have no right for birth certificate, ,work anything at all, nothing, thanks your ethnic friendship with Arab Camel ???Nearly million in Halabja and Kerkuk killed burned, gassed on the name of ethnic cleansing, whole world watched, dose anyone really cared?? The answer is No!!, why because we haven’t cared for ourselves ENOUGH yet?? Why world care for us. can you feel it, They kill our proud our dignity, the conditions in Kurdistan is totally different than whole universe within its planet, assimilation take place day by day, in Kurdistan every edge, and you talking about ethnic hatreds, are you incense 45 to 50 millions in this planed without homeland in hand of blood suckers!!, for Kurds they have cared and loved other ethnic for centuries, is time to care for themselves. So bit it, It is time to speak out, and I AM TELLING YOU LOUD AND CLEAR, THE GLORY OF MEDIA IS MY PROUD, IS MY BLOOD(HER TIŞT JI BU MEDYA, JI BU KURDISTAN)
    One more thing saying Aryan is not crime Hejar!! Is proud is historical fact:, what ever are your ideas are belonging to you, therefore from my perspective, I strongly suggest if you real Kurds you shouldn’t BE lecturing me, YOU SHOULD RECONSIDER YOUR STATMENT IS HARMFULL TO KURDISH CASUE!!.

    Diyako Medya

  5. hejar says:

    Kak Diyako Medya !
    What I said was not to be little you as a person. I was dealing with notion ” Arian Race” . I have no objection about all atrocities that you have mentioned being perpetuated about kurds.
    But if you want me to believe that the kurds by bearing hatred in their mind and having vengence in their heart can succeed I have all right to doubt that. If this is the case what is the difference between the kurds and her opperssors m, which are not the
    other “peoples” but the ruling system doing politics in their name.

    I am not lecturing you at all. what I am saying is in the modern
    world you can not base your political actions on hatred.

  6. Diyako Medya says:

    Modern world!! You are living in fantasy world perhaps!!! Hell you thinking, are we backward!!, under name of your modern world genocides taken place everyday in Kurdistan, is that what you called modern world?? And still you thinking we need Buddha meditation to release ourselves!! You fool! Keep it to yourself!!!

  7. hejar says:

    Diyako Medya!
    Please if you like to engage in serious discussion , do not become
    emotional. Modern world par se , do not mean a just world!
    Take care!

  8. Diyako Medya says:

    As you have been told keep your stupid modern world as well as your century to yourself!! No one has been emotional, so keep to yourself and fully zipped as I have said every Kurds right to express way they thinking so if that is harm gypsy like you that is your problem not mine, What stupid brain washed are you!!! When you don’t understand something just do not comment. Dude I suspect even you been Kurdish.

  9. hejar says:

    Diyako !
    You have no respect , for a person who tries to discuss with you
    with reason and argument.
    But it seems you are not accoustomrd to that.
    one more thing, try not be impolite !

  10. piling says:

    “one more thing, try not be impolite !”

    LOL, when YOU say, it sounds very hilarious ! In fact you have found your twin brother in discuss! The same way to bark…

  11. Diyako Medya says:


    I think you lack of understanding not just from your small brain but also from your English, perhaps you should study more, before you coming to discussion

    You started this, the whole drama was, without understanding my point view you attacked me as such “Please make note that we live in 21 centurey, and ethnic animosity just produce counter hatred. And IT DOEE NO GOOD FOR KURDS what so ever”, firstly, this is whole problem, writing with caps like idiots trying insult me, you should not give me lesson or lectures, as you have been told, secondly it seems you have no tolerance toward other peoples thinking, and in fact that has been always problem for Kurds from Medya until now, because they only looking their differences , without considering their common ground and with respect to other views and ideas .and that is result we seen today, with thanks to fools like you ,we become slaves of barbarian(Turks, Arabs, Persian) .
    More importantly if 21 century according to you, I would like to say proudly that I am a Kurdish ultra nationalist ,allow me , I go one steps further, to me even god is Kurdish, and we as Kurds above all races, therefore, what is your problem?? Dodo!! Aren’t you living in modern world? where is a free speech and all believes are respected??, everything is good for Kurds as long they speak out, Time of silence is gone, no one can tell Kurds what is good or bad for them only they know!! Real Kurd always knows is rooted in blood. you may not share my vision but you don’t have right to insult me, Kurdish cause is part my existence, it is part of part my daily life breading as has been my family generation to generation, their blood like any Kurdish patriot been gift of honor for Medya (Kurdistan), don’t you tell me what is good for Kurds

  12. Diyako Medya says:

    Please guys (ladies, gunman) would you please come in CRM forum, ,where dozen of Turks been misleading and insulting Kurds, I am only few one who been responding, I would like you to submit your opinion, it is extremely important for sake Kurdish nation to put Kurdish nation view as well as fact and reality to American ,most importantly is belong USA army journal, who they will be tomorrow senators or president of the country please visit and register is important: here is link again:

  13. hejar says:

    “I am a very bad boy and I have to learn a civilized way of speaking, so my apologizesd to everybody….”

    (Barkings’ Hejar translated in human language by Administrator. You have to excuse him,  Ladies and Gentlemen, slowly slowly he has to learn a normal way of expression ).


  14. hejar says:

    You are exteremly shameless. I will report yiou to Kendal Nezan!
    How on earth you insult me in this way, using my name.

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