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has anyone heired about hussaine kurde shahbestary??

PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2005 1:47 pm
Author: kardox
when i was a child one of my fathers Friends came to our home couple of times a week. He was a very good story teller, and a great speaker. I remember that i hated when he finished the story by telling something like , rahmat le daiko babe gohdara, hata shavak di. In his stories the hero often was hussaine kurde shahbestary, anyone else know this kurdish hero?? I know that Iranians call him Hussein-e-kurd. And I think he was from sistan and Baluchistan.

tell me more about him please. I would like to buy books too if anyone knows some .


PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 8:23 am
Author: dyaoko
I heared it too, I "guess" that hosseyene Kord was from "Shahre Kord"

you know Shahre kord is a city which it ppl almost are not kurd...they speak Semi-Lori know Lors are not Pure Kurds , Lors can be caleld "70% kurds"
and those in Shahre Kord City are 70% lor.
I guess that hero was from that City ! but I am not sure..

by the way are you one of the kurds who live in Shiraz ? I heared there are Kurd minority in Shiraz (Center of Persians) , it been said that kurds from Kurdistan immigrated to Shiraz , when a Kurd king become king of iran (about 500 years ago) his name was Karim Khane Zand.

after islam Iran hasnt had a good king at all...but iran history callls him (Karm Khane Zand) as best king of Iran after Islam , that had a great rule in Devlopement of Scienece. and Culture and Art.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 9:51 am
Author: kardox
hi , no i was born in Shiraz after my parents moved there in 1975 when the kurdish uprising was betrayed by iran(Jazaier agreement). I am from Zaxo, south kurdistan. ;)

well , u are right , not all lors consider them selfs as kurds, but they surely are more kurdish than Persians. and yes I know about the Zandie dynasty and Karim khane Zand, once again a Turkic nation caused our nation harm, as u surly know the Zand dynasty was overthrown by Agha Mohammad khane Ghajar, Agha Mohammad khan was castrated by Karim khan, thats why he could not produce testosterone and he was not a real man :o :o , but he toke his revenge from the zands :cry: :cry: