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kurmanci and sorani

PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:18 pm
Author: xsokrates
kurmanci and sorani
silav hevalno,

here i will show you some lttle examples of the difference in sytax between kurmanci and sorani.
(s) = sorani
(k) = kurmanci

1. example:
Mâlaka i Dara sûtim. (s)
Min mal a Dara shevûtand. (k)

sûtim = min shevutand; malaka i Dara = mal a dara;

I burned Dara’s house down.
Ich brannte Dara´s Haus nieder.

the same positions of the words.

2. example:
Na-m-dît-ît. (s)
min tu nedî. (k)

tu = -ît; min = -m-; dî = dît; ne = Na;

word position is too much different.
I have not see you.
Ich habe dich nicht gesehen.

i have = ich habe; not see = nicht gesehen; dich = you;

almost the same postion of the words.

3. example: (ich sende diese Bücher zu ihnen)
min am kitawanayan bo danêrim. (s)
ez van pirtûkan ji wan re dishînim. (k)

min = ez; am kitawana = van pirtûkan; -yan bo = ji wan re; danêrim = dishînim;

Ich sende ihnen die Bücher.
I send them the books.

exactly the same order of the words.

Parakay le girtim û pey witim ... (s)
Wî para ji min stand û min re got ... (k)

"Wî" = "-y" (he), Paraka = para (money), le girtim = ji min stand (took from me), pey witim = min re got (said to me).

er hat das geld von mir genommen und sagte mir.
he has taken the money from me and said to me.

he has = er hat; taken = genommen; the money from me = das geld von mir; und sagte mir = and said to me;

also here almost the same word order.


conclusion: the difference between kurmanci and sorani is like german and dutch. they have too much differences. now i understand why it couldnt be possible to create a kurdish standard-langauge that can be understand by kurmancs and sorans. if you create one, then it cannot be understiood by kurmancs and sorans as well.
we can be happy that the sorans consider themselfs as kurds, and dont want a soranistan or something else. they they support also kurmanci in southern kurdistan.

Re: kurmanci and sorani

PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:45 pm
Author: Diri
A similar thread has already been started kak Sokrates...


Mâlaka i Dara sûtim. (s)
Min mal a Dara shevûtand. (k)

Are not the same...

The Kurmancî equivalent for your Soranî sentence would be:

Min maleke daran şewitand/sotand.

Kurdish 'A' is not the same as English 'A'... So it should be "Maleke" not "Mâlaka"!

Thanks for the post... But next time please see if there are similar threads which you can add to... :wink: