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PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 1:18 pm
Author: missIndependent
UE_kurdophile wrote:
missIndependent wrote:
Awat=hope, wish
Awat-->>Hîwa, Arezû

Sorry ,I 'm not sure i understood... is Awat the same as Hiwa? does Hiwa mean hope?
By the way, today I was going to ask the meaning of Hiwa and its spelling with persian-arabic alphabet :o and you have just mentioned it now :) Are you reading in my mind? oh God, I hope not :oops:

yes, the meanings are almost the same! :D but two different names. where Hiwa most likely means Hope, but Awat is more related to "wish for something" :wink:
i'm so sorry i cant help you with spelling Hiwa using persian-arabic alphabet as i havnt got the arabic keyboard installed :|
and oh, dont worry lol, i aint gonna tell no one bout whats goin on in your mind :P