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As the entire world knows Boris Johnson is new PM

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 6:24 pm
Author: Anthea
Boris Johnson assembles his team

    Rees-Mogg appointed Leader of the Commons

    Sajid Javid is the first of the new cabinet appointments to be announced - he is chancellor

    Priti Patel will become home secretary and Dominic Raab foreign secretary

    It follows a large-scale clear out of cabinet, with Philip Hammond and Jeremy Hunt among those going

    Mr Johnson promises the UK will leave the EU by 31 October and sets out his first policy aims in a wide-ranging speech outside Number 10

    As Mr Johnson travelled up the Mall for his audience with the Queen, Greenpeace protesters attempted to block his route and were bundled aside

    Theresa May took her last Prime Minister's Questions and was clapped out of the Commons

Re: As the entire world knows Boris Johnson is new PM

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:21 am
Author: Piling
I wait for the next meeting Trump-Johnson with impatience :lol:

Re: As the entire world knows Boris Johnson is new PM

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:16 am
Author: Anthea
Piling wrote:I wait for the next meeting Trump-Johnson with impatience :lol:

I have high hopes for Boris :ymparty:

Re: As the entire world knows Boris Johnson is new PM

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:40 pm
Author: Anthea
Have locals found the house
of Boris Johnson's ancestors

Some people in Turkey are excited at the prospect of a northeastern village in Cankiri province being the home of new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's great grandfather

"I know his ancestors. I know where they were and where had they come from. I know them all," one local told Rudaw on Saturday.

It's long been known that Boris Johnson's great grandfather was Ali Kemal Bey, a government official, journalist, and poet who lived from 1867-1922 in the Ottoman Empire.

Since Johnson was elected prime minister of Britain this week, there is gossip among villagers in present-day Turkey, particularly in a village in the northeast.

At the local cemetery many worn gravestones are visible, but villagers do not know whether or not Ali Kemal's grave is in the cemetery.

"No, no, we have not seen them. We just heard that they had been in this village; otherwise, we do not know anything else about them," another local said.

Kalfat village is located north of Ankara about halfway to the Black Sea.

Imam of Kalfat Mullah Hussein, who is also a researcher, says that he is well aware of the story of the ancestors of Johnson.

"[Originally] they are from the family of Ali Beg. Ali Beg had two sons. Omer and Ahmed. Omer had stayed in the village. Ahmed moved to Istanbul when he was 15. Ahmed had maintained a good relationship with Sultan Abdulaziz [the 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire]. In 1878, his son, Ali Kemal was born, who became a journalist, poet and a politician," Hussein said.

Kemal was then exiled from the Ottoman Empire, where he met Johnson's great grandmother, according to Hussein.

"They had two children, Osman and Selim. In other words, Ahmed is the father of Ali Kemal, Ali Kemal is the father of Osman, and Osman is the father of Stanley Johnson and [Stanley Johnson is the father of PM Boris Johnson]," Hussein explained.

The farming village is attracting tourists, and some locals hope Johnson will visit while he holds office at 10 Downing Street.

Villagers say it was once upon a time, a great and beautiful household.

"The great grandfather of Boris Johnson had lived in this house before leaving Kalfat. This is the entrance door of their house. They [still] own this place," Ibrahim Younis said.

"In 1961 their house was renovated," he added. "Sometimes they return during summers, stay a few days, and then leave."

If concrete evidence of proof of ownership of the house by Johnson will ever be determined remains to be seen. However, for the time being locals and perhaps Johnson himself can take the opportunity as a lesson in history.

"[Johnson's] leadership is a source of pride for Turkey and Kalfat," local Mediha Tekin said. "It is very good. May God help him. We hope he does not forget us." ... /270720191

Re: As the entire world knows Boris Johnson is new PM

PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 4:01 pm
Author: Fullback34
I've heard that kind of stuff a lot... You always find articles about how Jesus was a Serb, Buddha an Ukrainian, and now Boris Johnson a Turk :lol: I think I won't believe it too much unless serious evidence is provided.