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Who remembers the Zilan Valley massacre ???

PostPosted: Sat May 06, 2017 3:23 pm
Author: Anthea
1930 in Zilan Valley Turks rounded up and slaughtered 15,000 Kurds

Around 44 Kurdish villages were burn to the ground X(

The Zilan massacre (Turkish: Zilan Katliamı[5] or Zilan Deresi Katliamı, refers to the massacre of thousands of Kurdish residents in the Zilan Valley of Turkey by 12/13 July 1930, during the Ararat rebellion, in which 800–1500 armed men participated.

The Zilan massacre took place in the Zilan or Zeylan valley (Kurdish: Geliyê Zîlan, Turkish: Zilan Deresi, Zeylân Deresi) located to the north of the town of Erciş in Van Province. The massacre took place in July 1930, before the Third Ararat Operation (Turkish: Üçüncü Ağrı Harekâtı, September 7–14, 1930), which was a military operation of the Turkish IX Corps under the command of Ferik (Lieutenant General) Salih (Omurtak) against Mount Ararat. The number of people killed in the massacre varies according to different sources. According to the daily newspaper Cumhuriyet (July 16, 1930), about 15,000 people died