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Re: Kurdistan forces are liberating Western Kurdistan

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:08 pm
Author: Shirko
alan131210 wrote:Bahroz

I have every right to say where they are coz they refused peshmerga to enter so now the lives of Kurds in WK lies in their hands and responsibility.

Sarê kanye is all kurdish show me a map where Arab region connects to it ? All of underneath sarê kanye is kurdish u may have Arabs living there but they are not connected to Arab syria

You have no right to even mention WK, you barefooted Jash Iraqi desert Arab, wannabe Kurd.

Re: Kurdistan forces are liberating Western Kurdistan

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:34 pm
Author: Anthea
Kurdish people in Western Kurdistan have always wanted an


Many do not want

Democratic Federation of Northern Syria

Many Kurds fought and died for an


Re: Kurdistan forces are liberating Western Kurdistan

PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:08 pm
Author: Anthea
20 July 2012


Our friends had liberated Efrin Amuda and Kobani from the Syrian regime :D

We were all looking forward to a Free Western Kurdistan and fully expected it to unite with Southern Kurdistan to declare the beginning of Greater Kurdistan :ymparty:

There had already been an agreement that only one Kurdish flag should fly in Western Kurdistan :ymapplause:



Re: Kurdistan forces are liberating Western Kurdistan

PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:38 pm
Author: Anthea
As we waited for Qamishlo to be liberated the PYD refused our flag X(

But as we wanted unity we (reluctantly) agreed to the waving of their flag alongside the glorious Kurdish flag

Hind-site is a glorious thing - we did not see or even expect the PYD to take control of so much of Western Kurdistan as to even change it's name X(

So there we all were expecting Qamishlo to be liberated on 20 July

On 11 June 2012, we learnt that the Kurdish National Council and the Council of Western Kurdistan had formed a joint leadership to run the cities liberated from Syria

On the Thursday PYD stopped soldiers of the Free Syrian Army [FSA] from entering Kobane as the news of the liberation reached other parts of the country.

“The Kurdish forces rejected a request by the FSA and told them that they [Kurds] can control their own areas,” Hussein Kochar, a PYD official told Rudaw.

Kurdish leaders are preparing for the full liberation of Western Kurdistan and the responsibility of restoring peace and order in those cities.

Re: Kurdistan forces are liberating Western Kurdistan

PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 5:12 pm
Author: Anthea
ERBIL, July 21 (AKnews)- One day after freeing Kobani form the Baath regime agents and Syrian army, Kurds also took control over the government institutions in Afrin and Amuda cities as well as Derek and Cidêris districts on Friday.
Hawalti said that since early Friday evening war has broken out in the mainly Kurdish city of Qamislo.

Ismael Hama, Qamislo–based chief of Kurdish National Council of Syria (KNCS) told Hawali newspaper that Amuda has been completely freed and probably in a near future Qamislo will also be freed.

Kurdish People’s Defense Unions (YPG) said that the Kurdish citizens and the YPG units assaulted the government agencies in Afrin and Cidêris of Aleppo province and controlled them.

The locations were freed without any confrontations, according to Hawali.

The freed zones are now run by a joint committee of the KNCS and Western Kurdistan's People's Assembly which recently signed a unifying deal in Erbil.

ERBIL, July 21 (AKnews) - A member of the Syrian Kurdish National Council announced that the council and western people council will form a committee tomorrow to run the Kurdish Region in Syria.

Member of the political bureau of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party Mahmoud Mohammed said the Syrian Kurdish National Council and the western people committee will discuss the management of the Kurdish Region in the country for a post-liberation Syria.

The two parties will discuss ways to administrate the region together, said the source.

The politburo member of the Kurdish Leftist Party of Syria Shalal gado said: "Inside this committee, we create subcommittees to administrate all aspects such as security, military, health and so on."

Gado added: "So far no problem occurred in the Kurdish librated areas."

Re: Kurdistan forces are liberating Western Kurdistan

PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 5:18 pm
Author: Anthea
Kobani 19 July 2012

All of Parliament for Western Kurdistan and the National Council met at the Kurdish city of Kobani on 19 July 2012 in order to put the necessary mechanisms to activate the Hawler treaty and develop a draft unified political, based on national principles and national of the Kurdish people in Syria and working with all the components of the Syrian people to topple the regime repressive dictatorship with all its symbols and build a democratic Syria, according to a new constitution recognizes the multiplicity of national and constitutional recognition of the Kurdish people's rights and nationalism.

At the end of the meeting the parties reached the following items:

    1 - Protection of the entire city Kobani is the responsibility of their children.

    2 - Cancel all armed manifestations in the city center and surroundings except for the centers assigned to them.

    3 - to workers in the institutions of the state service in the fastest return to work as usual.

    4 - the formation of the committees listed in the Convention on Hawler from "protection committees" and "service committees" and "relations" between the two equally.

    5 - to establish and develop relations with all segments and sectors of society in the fastest city and its suburbs.

We call on all sons of the fastest to comply fully with the terms of this Agreement.

Parliament of Western Kurdistan - the National Council of Kurds in Syria
(Joint Committee between the two houses in the area of ​​fastest).

Re: Kurdistan forces are liberating Western Kurdistan

PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 5:32 pm
Author: Anthea
On Saturday 21 July, the Kurdish city of Qamishli saw clashes between Assad’s security forces and the Kurdish Popular Protection Forces

The Protection Forces is a conciliation of the Kurdish National Council [KNC] and the Democratic Union Party [PYD] created following an agreement signed between both groups in Erbil last month.

Sami Derwish, a Kurdish activist and protest coordinator in Qamishli, told Rudaw over the phone that clashes occurred in the city when security forces tried to disperse Kurdish protestors.

“Two members of the Kurdish Protection Forces were injured and taken to Ferman hospital,” Derwish said. “On the other side, one security member was injured, and his colleagues withdrew as the Kurdish forces attacked their cars with guns.”

The city still lives in a state of instability, Derwish said.

“Actually, we didn’t want such clashes to happen in Qamishli,” he said. “We hoped that we would be able to liberate Qamishli peacefully, like other liberated Kurdish areas. But when the fight is imposed on us, we will do everything to liberate our city from the forces of this tyrannical regime.”

As Kurds began seizing control of Kurdish cities on Wednesday following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from the area, they sent a message to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) saying that they are not welcome in the Kurdish—populated cities.

Derwish said that on Saturday members of the FSA were spotted in Qamishli, “but we have already clarified that we don’t need the FSA’s support at the moment because we want to liberate our areas on our own.”

This, said Derwish, is because Kurds want to avoid the consequences of FSA presence in the Kurdish region in future.

Since Wednesday, the cities of Kobane, Amude and Efrin have been liberated and they are under Kurdish control. But in Qamishli, the biggest Kurdish city, Syrian security forces seem to have dug in for a fight.

The Union of Kurdish Coordination Committees reported on Saturday that the Syrian regime had sent reinforcement from Hasake city to back up the security forces in Qamishli.

“Four fully armed pro-Assad security vehicles were seen entering Qamishli,” UKCC said.

UKCC also reported that clashes between Kurdish forces and Syrian forces are still taking place in different parts of the city.

“The Kurdish forces could liberate the entrance of Qamishli which connects the city to Amude,” maintained UKCC. “There is one martyr from our forces and two injuries reported.”

On the other hand, Kurdish fighters told Rudaw that Bashar Assad’s political and military units fully withdrew from other Kurdish towns a deadline given to them by the Kurdish forces.

Activists in the town of Dirbesiye told Rudaw that the Kurdish flag is now waving over all government institutions.

Meanwhile, in a battle for Derik city on Saturday, Bawer Derki, a young Kurdish activist, was killed as security forces opened fire into a crowd of protesters.

Sere Kaniye, a Kurdish town near Dirbesiye, was also reported free and all posters and signs of the Baath party and President Assad were brought down.


Re: Kurdistan forces are liberating Western Kurdistan

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:10 pm
Author: Anthea
Four years ago my Kurdish friends were really close to have an independent Western Kurdistan

Many of my friends are from Western Kurdistan and it has always been a place close to my heart :ymhug:

The real APO was from Western Kurdistan :ymparty:

For many year Western Kurdistan has been a proud place with it's ONE flag and it's strong belief in ONE Kurdistan

Sadly, there are now far too many groups, Kurdish and others, fighting each other and nobody knows what is really happening

There are far too many unanswered questions - perhaps we should start off with the biggest question of all:

Why was ISIS allowed to spread into Syria?

Think on the FACT that those originally from Western Kurdistan are NOT entirely happy with the way other Kurdish groups are taking over the area

Many Kurds were welcomed into Western Kurdistan to help the fight for Kurdish independence but as soon as they started waving their assortment of flags around - against prior agreement that stated the only flag should be the Kurdish flag and not flags of different political groups - it became clear that these groups had their own agendas