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A Kurd cannot be a Muslim - A Muslim cannot be a Kurd

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:18 pm
Author: Anthea
A Kurd cannot be a Muslim
A Muslim cannot be a Kurd

With the continuation of the ancient Kurdish traditions such as the hundreds of types of dances and styles of music, the colorful dresses, love between boys and girls, we could say that these traditions were much stronger before Islam and that the Kurdish people were much more progressive and rational before the occupation of Kurdistan by Islam.

Kurdish women had greater freedom and equal rights. But with the coming of Islam not only did they not accomplish anything new, but all that they did have, they lost.

It is true that the nations of the Middle East in general, and especially Kurds, were oppressed by the Arabs. It is true that we fought against them and that we are angry with them, and that we are not Muslim, and still rejects Islam. But it is also true that due to our human solidarity instincts and feelings for fellow humans, we love the Arabic speaking people and greatly respect them.

We are and will be ready to have social and friendly relationship with them. The fact that many Kurdish men have Arabic wives and vice versa proves the humanistic nature and peacefulness of the Kurds original culture towards the entire world.

Our problem is not against Arabs, but Arab Islamist occupiers. For they have oppressed our cultural, social and individual freedoms. They have for a long time occupied our land and have blocked our efforts to make any progress.

The Muslim Arabs under the leadership of Mohammad created a God, and in his name attacked, sacked and occupied many lands and nations of the Earth.

In many places they were victorious and in many places they were defeated. Kurdistan was one of those places that the Muslim Arabs occupied with the help of some traitors whose legacy can be seen even today.

They attacked Kurdistan

The looted the country and carried the treasures back to their barren desert of Arabia. They killed our men and took our women and girls as hostages. They imprisoned our thoughts and powers to invent and make

With the help of the traitors and with lies and fables they made a portion of our people into Muslims. For their own self interest, they were even more merciless and cruel in their quest to Islamize the Kurdish populations.

Most historians, even Muslim ones, admit that Islam was spread by the sword and imposed upon the nations and peoples of the Middle East by force. The fact that Kurds have kept their pre-Islamic traditions is evidence that Kurds did not willingly become Muslim and even today are really not Muslims.

According to recorded history, just as Islam was imposed on North Africa and the Middle East by sword, its sword malfunctioned and it was defeated in 732 in Poitiers, France. In Eastern Europe, at Constantinople Islam was pushed back also. And their God, Allah, was not only unable to do anything, but Allah’s army ran and fled like cowards.

Once again, Kurds did not become Muslims by the guidance of a supernatural being or their own choice. Kurds did not become Muslims because the laws of Islam were fair or just. They became Muslims due to the sword-carrying Arabs and Kurdish speaking traitors such as Saladin.

With 1400 years of killing and occupation, they still have not been able to wipe out the happy aspects of the Kurdish people, such as the folk dances, the many types of music and singing styles, and love between the opposite sexes. Those aspects are contrary to Islam. So for that reason it can be said that a Kurd cannot be a Muslim and a Muslim cannot be a Kurd.

The Kurds are in love with life and cherish freedom and happiness. . They love to dance and sing; to laugh and smile. Islam is against laughter and freedom. Kurds live for the love of life, but the Muslim is a slave of Allah and lives to die for the sake of Allah and Mohammad.

Kurds want happiness for both men and women, young and old in this life, and they believe in equality

The Muslim rejects this life and willingly kills in the hope of making it to his imaginative heaven, which is reserved exclusively for men. He does not recognize a woman to be a human being. He looks upon a woman as nothing more than a pet. If there are any anti-woman tendencies and aspects that are contrary to humanity, in all truthfulness, it is due to the influence of the Arab and Islam.

Be very clear here: Kurds are not Muslim and they are not Arabs

If Islam has destroyed one aspect the Kurdish culture and retarded progress within their society, it has done far worse for the Arabs. It made them a nation of looters, invaders and mass murderers. All justified, since it was being done for Allah. At first the Arabs were only warring tribes of looters.

Under the shadow of the Quran, the Arabs have become occupiers that live off the looted wealth of others. They do not believe in working or in science and progress. Thanks to Islam, they have become a war-seeking people, always entangled in some type of conflict. Thanks to Islam they are known only as terrorists and ignorant people. When the oil in Saudi Arabia dries up and the millions of people don’t make the yearly pilgrimage, which the Saudi government gets its revenue from, most likely its people will just starve to death.

The Kurds were not Arabized, because they did not accept Islam. The Qur’an itself is the best evidence that Islam is only for the Arabs and although, it is only for the Arabs that live in and around Mecca, rather than all Arabic speaking people. The Quran that is written in Arabic is for Arabs and it is not for Kurds.

Kurds generally have no God. Even if they do, it is not the savage God of Islam that was created by the Arabs. The God of the Arabs was the creation of Muhammad, and even says in the Quran that his aim is to put some sense into the minds of the Arabs. It does not say that is for Kurds or anybody else. The vast majority of those nations where Islam was imposed are not Arabs and do not speak Arabic.

    The fourteenth chapter of the Quran, which is called Abraham, the fourth verse says the following:
    We sent not an apostle except (to teach) in the language of his (own) people, in order to make (things) clear to them. Now Allah leaves stray those whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases: and He is exalted in power, full of Wisdom.”’
It is very clear from this verse that Muhammad, who was an Arab, was only “sent” for the Arabs. Whoever is a Kurd, if he is ever called a Muslim, should consider it an insult to him/her and the entire Kurdish nation.

So far no prophets have been sent to we Kurds, and no scripture has been revealed in Kurdish. The following verse proves that Kurds are not Muslims and cannot be Muslims. If a Kurdish-speaking person is a Muslim, he/she is in bed with Islamic occupiers of Kurdistan.

The twelfth chapter of the Quran, verse 2, says:
“We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an, in order that ye may learn wisdom.”

Once again, according the Quran it has no connections to Kurds nor their language or culture. Those Kurds that consider themselves Muslims and are following Islam have nothing to do with Kurds. They are playing the role of Osama bin laden and the war lords of Afghanistan in Kurdistan with the financial backing of the Saudis.

This same people have proven themselves over the decades to be Islamist Arabs and have actively participated in the depopulation of Kurdish lands and have willingly oppressed the Kurds. The wear Kurdish clothing and speaking Kurdish language, but that does not mean that they are Kurdish.

These Kurdish speaking Islamist whose aim is to stop the Kurds from making progress, face Saudi Arabia five times daily and worship it. In their prayers they promise their Saudi bosses’ to sacrifice their people and nation for them. They go on their knees and utter some gibberish in Arabic and prove the fact that they are nothing but salves.

They are not satisfied by only being called a slave; that’s not enough for them. They bow down in the direction of Arabia and Mecca, where the grave of Mohammad happens to be, the killer of thousands of Kurds. They pay a pilgrimage which is nothing but pouring money into the treasury of Saudi Arabia. Money that they withheld from their own children. His followers sacked, looted and killed unknown numbers of Kurds.

After repeating their nonsense many times over and over again, the pray that when they die, they be buried in Arabia, next to the grave of one the mass murderers of the human history or next to the graves of sa’ad the son of Salman, Omar Ibn Khattab and Ali Ibn Tallib.

These Kurdish-speaking Muslims who once in a while shed crocodile tears to deceive the Kurds, from time to time talk about the Kurdish question. But in all truthfulness they are hand- in-hand against the Kurds and work closely with the Islamic groups and governments in the region against the Kurds and their cause, and have butchered the Kurds since the invasion of Islam.

Their real aim is to make all Kurds become Arabic speaking people. Their actual homeland is Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of the plague that is called Islam. According to Islam, Arabic is God’s chosen language and the Arabs, his chosen people. Therefore no other nation or language is as worthy as they are. They expect all of humanity to become Muslim and to speak Arabic.

Dozens of Kurdish writers were killed by these Muslims during the advent of Islam after speaking the truth about Islam. The Kurds were oppressed and silenced by the sword. Still, after 1400 years they have not succeeded in their quest to make Kurds into Arabs.

I hope that in this short article it has been summarized why a Kurd cannot be a Muslim and a Muslim cannot be a Kurd

Re: A Kurd cannot be a Muslim - A Muslim cannot be a Kurd

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 8:25 pm
Author: Anthea
Kurds are NOT Muslims

There are valleys in parts of Kurdistan, which contain the skeletons of THOUSANDS of innocent Kurds who, even at the point of a sword, refused to become Muslims

If you need further proof of Islamic barbarism towards Kurds, just look at the more than 70 attempted conversions/genocides meted out by Muslims on the innocent Yazidis

Kurdish culture and history is full music, dancing, singing and women wearing colourful clothes

Kurdish women should NOT be forced into wearing black sacks, servitude, silence and a colourless life

If Kurds really believed themselves to be Muslims, they would have joined ISIS rather than fight them

Kurds fought ISIS to keep the world free of Islamic fundamentalism, not to inflict that same fundamentalism on their own people

Re: A Kurd cannot be a Muslim - A Muslim cannot be a Kurd

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:21 pm
Author: Anthea
Banned in Islam:

For both genders

Music with Instruments



Drinking Alcohol


Gambling - no national loottery

Non Islamic culture (Wearing jeans and t-shirts; Casual stuff)

Imitating Non Muslims (wearing make-up and beautifying self)

Working with non Muslims in restaurants, kebab shops, casinos, temples, banks, courts, bars, and music venues.

Befriending Non Muslims and calling them "Brothers" and "Sisters" all companionship with Non Muslims should be professional only

Premarital relationships.

Making friends with the other gender.

Gender Equality

Talking to other genders before marriage.

Showing affection in public.

Staring or looking directly at the opposite gender.

Leaving the religion, or talking with people who left it.

Talking with people outside of the Abrahamic religions

Marrying a slave man/woman that you own.

Marrying your step sister/brother if she/he breast feed from the same mother

Slaughtering an animal without following correct procedures

Stunning the Animal before slitting it's throat

Eating non halal food

(Men) Wearing shorts that show the knees.

(Men) Shaving body hair

(Men) Wearing perfume (they use something called Oud/Agarwood, it is incense)

(Men) Shaving beard lower than 1/2 cm.

For Women

(Women) Showing hair or skin in public.

(Women) Refusing sex when asked to by her husband.

(Women) Going outside without the consent of her husband.

(Women) Wearing Jewelry in public.

(Women) Wearing Makeup in public.

(Women) Wearing Perfume in public.

(Women) Wearing brightly coloured clothes in public.

(Women) Arguing with your husband.

(Women) Accuse a man of rape without 4 male witnesses or 8 female witnesses of the actual rape.

(Women) Marrying a Non Muslim man

(Women) Having body hair and imitating men

(Women) Lifting her hand against her husband - Even if he's beating her senseless--

(Women) Being in the company of other men.

(Women) Sitting in the living room with the husband and his friends.

(Women) Eating with the husband and his friends.

(Women) Work outside the house without a guardian.

(Women) Be working in a company of other men outside the house.

Anyone still think Kurds are Muslims !?!