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Kurds barbaric as ISIS if they do not ban animal sacrifices

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:23 pm
Author: Anthea
Demand up in Kurdistan
for Eid animal sacrifices

Every year leading up to the Eid Al-Adha Islamic holiday, Muslims around the world, including those in the Kurdistan Region, sacrifice livestock. In Erbil’s animal market, hundreds of buyers and sellers are making deals beside packs of sheep, cattle, and goats

According to those working in the market, animals from Syria, Iran, Georgia, India and other places are imported. The buyers, who see the week before Eid as an opportunity to sell their animals, have been preparing.

The improved economic situation of the Kurdistan Region after several years of a downturn has bustled the livestock market and decreased the price of one kilo of meat before butchering to 3,500 Iraqi dinars, according to sellers.

Ahmed Weli, who sells sheep at the giant market, told Rudaw English that compared to last year "our business is doing better, though not at its best as it was the case in 2011, 2012 an 2013."

Re: Time to ban disgusting Muslim Eid animal sacrifices

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:57 pm
Author: Anthea
The rest of the world is trying to ban animal slaughter, Kurds are still taking part in this barbaric slaughter

This is a vile, disgusting practise and needs to be stopped NOW

We are not in the stone age, this is 2019

There is no need for any animal slaughter

An increasingly large percentage of the world population, is becoming more concerned about the mistreatment and slaughter of animals

So much so, that an extremely large percentage of the world's population are becoming vegetarians and vegans

The demand for slaughter house closures is fast increasing

Thankfully, it will not be very long before halal slaughter houses are closed, and only a few years before all animal slaughter is banned

I find it both shocking and disgusting that Kurds should still take part in this barbaric slaughter

Kurds need to show the world that they are a civilised nation deserving of international oil trade and industry, of financial growth, culture and tourisim

Not a bunch of barbaric savages

Kurds should think carefully about how others view them

Re: Kurds are barbarians if they do not ban animal sacrifice

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:46 am
Author: Anthea
Recently, there have been many photos and video of this vile animal slaughter

When viewing the pictures/videos, it is easy to see what has made ISIS the barbaric force it has become

Especially shocking are photos of young children witnessing this slaughter YOU are sending your children back to the middle ages

It cannot be claimed to be a religious sacrifice as much of the killing does NOT even comply with the teachings of the Quran

It is killing for the sake of killing

It is barbaric savagery that has no place in this century

Are Kurds fundamentalist Muslims following the same middle ages doctrine of the Quran as ISIS

Or are Kurds more civilised and progressive - I wonder X(

Re: Kurds barbaric as ISIS if they do not ban animal sacrifi

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:34 pm
Author: Anthea
The Quran says:

The Animal must be in good condition
    Most are not, many look ill or half dead

The animals must be treated well
    The animals are treated very badly

The Animal must be well looked after while waiting for slaughter
    Not happening, I doubt any are given food or water

The Animals must not see another animal being slaughtered
    Most animals see others being slaughtered

The slaughter man must be of sound mind and a Muslim
    So far all I have seen are wild looking savages

Follow link bellow to video showing sacrificial slaughter is supposed to be carried out under Quranic law

The animals are relaxed not terrified as most of the poor animals are

Not only is the slaughter of animals wrong, the way most animals are slaughtered is against Quranic law

Just a buch of savages with a bloodlust - much like ISIS X(