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Working towards an Independent Kurdish State JM

PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 11:13 pm
Author: Anthea
The State of Kurdistan does not need a
referendum we need a clear road map

I will explain it in the next episodes: JM

1. The change of the regimes of governance from the systems that occupy and coexist with Kurdistan have nothing to do with the Independence of Kurdistan...

2. The Independence of Kurdistan is the issue of the Kurdish people who are enslaved and their country stolen, divided and raped

3. The only solution is the freedom of the Kurdish people and the Independence of Kurdistan and not to coexistence with criminals and murderers

4. In the oppressive countries only we can protect our homeland and the blood and dignity of our people

5. Every delay in the declaration of the Kurdish State leads to the waste of the people's potential and waste of time

6. The most foolish of all are those who believe that, our homeland and the blood and dignity of our people can be protected without an Independent Kurdish State

7. The shame is the one who does not believe in the country or claims his faith in it but is stalling in its declaration

8. Oppression is the secret backbone of the countries that occupy Kurdistan and without knowing

9. Without the Kurdish State the people will remain slaves generation after generation under threat and to the day of resurrection