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Security at Kurdistan's Erbil airport: A Dutch hound’s tale

A place for discussion and exchanging ideas about Kurdistan issues here, also a place for sharing article & views and analysis about Kurdistan .

Re: Security at Kurdistan's Erbil airport: A Dutch hound’s t

PostAuthor: Anthea » Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:09 pm

Feyli_kord wrote:
Anthea wrote:SORRY to have to say this but: The way you keep attacking Piling and myself YOU are the person who is RACIST X(

Nope, nothing i've said has been racist.

Even if was i racist, atleast my racism is justified because western involvement in middle-east has real consequences, it has killed lots of people, and many of them kurds. But it's not like when you talk about poor powerless caribbean blacks in england all the time, having one immigrant parent yourself. And I won't lie, my experiences in the west and western history in the middle-east has made me resentful of the majority of western states. Everything i've said however is true and justified. You'd be saying the same thing about kurds if roles were reversed, believe me on that. You can ask the irish, who were treated by england the way england treated kurdistan, and they're your neighbours, what they think of england and the UK.

Let us end this now :ymhug:
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Re: Security at Kurdistan's Erbil airport: A Dutch hound’s t



Re: Security at Kurdistan's Erbil airport: A Dutch hound’s t

PostAuthor: Piling » Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:08 am

I remind to people that the topic is about Dutch Hounds in safety airports in Kurdistan. If some want to open a debate about France, Africa, UK, Anfal, PKK, etc. etc. there are plenty of rooms where to post.

@jjmuneer : I am not Kurds' friend, and i will never use a such stupid title. Friendship is individual.I am not friend with 40 million of people. I have some Kurdish friends and you are not among them, so take a breath : there is nothing between you and me or with feyli_Kord except indifference and careless.

So no need to employ such sentimental stupid argument. Westerners are not sentimental. :ymdevil:
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