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Twitter hit by outages across parts of Americas & Europe

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Twitter hit by outages across parts of Americas & Europe

PostAuthor: Anthea » Sun Apr 12, 2020 3:23 am

Twitter hit by outages
across Americas & Europe

Twitter has not been functioning properly for thousands of users across Europe and Americas in what appears to be yet another major outage, with many reporting troubles with the platform’s website

Downdetector, which tracks service complaints via social media, reported that the outages have been experienced by users in Europe, as well as by those residing on the US east coast. The issue is also affecting Brazil and Argentina, where most reports are coming from São Paulo and Buenos Aires.

Also on We cannot allow Facebook and Twitter to use Covid-19 to launch their own coup d’état

Most of the users that flocked to the website to report the outage have been having difficulties with the Twitter website (some 43 percent), while 37 percent reported irregularities while using Twitter on IPhone and IPad.

It appears that many of the users were still able to access the social messaging platform, but were unable to complete basic operations - such as posting new tweets or replying to DMs - with some describing the service as being “very sluggish and glitchy.”

    Very sluggish and glitchy.I’m calling it a night now, and hoping but will be better when it’s rested its algorithms overnight.
    — Stewart Bint (@AuthorSJB) April 11, 2020
    @Twitter@TwitterSupport are you having some outage or is my account messed up? My TL over last day is super sparse and not refreshing except for my own tweets and replies. Tried restarting app on my iPhone
    — Demian Godon (@dgodon) April 9, 2020
    Yeah, it unfollowed two people I followed and deleted a comment of mine.
    — Cody Bannon (@thecodybannon) April 11, 2020
While it’s yet unclear what is behind the latest outage, some suggested that the site, overwhelmed by messages in the times of the coronavirus-induced lockdowns, just could not handle the avalanche of users.

    I have received messages that say "Twitter is at capacity".Also so many bots. I could post that it's April 11, 2020 and a bot will come out and tell me it's not, and I have been brainwashed by the ”establishment”.~~sigh~~
    — Sandra... (@sandramarieceee) April 11, 2020
Problems started plaguing Twitter even before the extended Easter weekend in the US and Europe. On Thursday and Friday users reported similar issues with the platform, with the majority of them saying that the website itself was malfunctioning, according to Downdetector.
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Twitter hit by outages across parts of Americas & Europe



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