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Kurdish Folktales & Traditions

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 9:50 pm
Author: Diri
good story
hey do u know any kurdish floktales?

Actually RIGHT now my mother told me one - Once upon a time there was an old and lonely lady living far away from all other somwhere out in the wilde. All she had was a goat- which she milked daily. Each day she would milk her goat and drink some and make some into youghurt and save the rest in a huge bowl.

She noticed that sometimes when she was gonna get the bowl with milk - that it was empty and that there was milk covering some areas of her floor. But she didn't think much of it - after all she was old and could have done something with the milk and then forgotten it she thought. But as time went by - it happened every day... she would wake up - and find her floor covered in milk and all the milk in her bowl was gone.

Finally she decided to stay up one night and see what happened to the milk. She cut her finger and put som salt in the wound. (The pain would keep her from falling asleep). Anyway as the night grew old she heard a noise - and a shadow came to sight. She noticed how there was a long tale on the creature that had crept into her house. And thought that it had to be an animal - as she came out of her hiding place she saw a fox drinking from her bowl- and there was milk dripping from he whiskers and down to the floor.

The fox turned as he heard a sound - and leapt when he saw the old lady strring at him with fire in her eyes. The old lady chased the fox all over the house and managed to chop of him his tail end... The fox fled for his life he was so scared what the lady might do to him that he didn't stop untill the sun came out.

He soon got a nickname from all the other foxes - They called him "quto" (Kurdish slang for "shorty") and he was not respected by the other foxes. He was mocked so much that eventually he went to the old ladies house and asked her to give him back his tail-end. And promised to do anything she wanted - just as long as he got his tail back.

She said that he would have to do something about her goat - it had no more milk because the grass and trees were dried up - and there hadn't been rainfall for quite some while. So the fox decided to go and speak to a tree about the matter.

As soon as the Fox had asked the tree for some leaves and flowers for the goat to eat - The tree responded "I cannot bear leaves and flowers when I have no water to drink" -So the fox went back to the old lady and ill heartedly begged her to give back his tail-end because the tree was uncapeable to bare leaves. But the old lady was persistent "You go back to that tree and ask how you can give him water"

And so the fox went back to the tree - "Can you be so kind and bare some leaves and flowers for me?" -The Tree "I can't bare leaves and flowers without water to drink first - go and ask the Well to give you some water for me" - so the Fox went to the Well - and explained his problems -
The Well said that he was also dried up - but only because the river had been prevented to come down stream because of sticks and stones that blocked it's way - So the fox went and cleared the river of all the sticks and stones. The Well was full of water which the Fox brought to the Tree. And the Tree drank and gave leaves and flowers. Which the Fox brought to the old lady's home so that the goat could eat and give milk. And the goat ate and gave milk. And the Fox asked "Will you please give me back my tail-end now?" And the old lady went and found all sorts of bells and other pretty things to sow to the Foxes tail.

The Fox went back to the wilde with his new and improved tail. He went to the lake where the other foxes had their daily nap. As they heard him come they all jumped up and mocked him again - by calling him Quto. Suddenly the Fox lifted his tail up high and it made some loud sounds - DING! DONG! DING! DONG!
- All the other foxes where amazed by his tail and started calling him all sorts of flattering things like OUR KING and OUR RULER and OUR EMPEROR and asked him where he had gotten such a lovely tail from! He was delighted at the change but had sworn to avenge himself on them for their mockery. So he went and made a deal with the old lady that she could have all the Fox furr she wanted the next day if she came to the lake at morning. Saying that she could seel all the furr and become filthy rich.

So she thought she would go and find out what the Fox had meant by this.
Meanwhile the fox had gone and talked to the other foxes about how they too could get a beautifull tail like his... And so he told them that they would all have to put their tails into the lake water for the whole night and in the morning their tail would be as lovely as his. They all went down to the lake and dipped their tail into the water - it was almost winter and the water was cold.

So the Fox waited patiently for all the other foxes to fall asleep and went for the old lady - when he brought the old lady back - it was almost mornining and he shouted "WAKE UP A HUNTER IS COMING THIS WAY" - and they all jumped at the sound of that - The lake had frosen so their tails were stuck in the ice and the ones that managed to get out were instantly killed by the old lady's long stick. She killed every single one of the foxes and ws happy that the Fox wasn't just lying to her about the furr - and as we say in Kurdish when we end a fairytail " Û ez jî hatim - û chi jî nedane min" (And I came back and nothing was given to me)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 8:15 pm
Author: sorgul
does anyone know the tale called kesa tera jane

and then there was another one of this women who had a little girl and her hair was made of gold.......does any one know that one

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2005 1:30 pm
Author: Dilsad
Hello Diri,

good story!
But as a good kurd, you must know that you never tell a story like that without linkking it to an argument you are trying to support :)
I can see soime links to present days, but I'd like to hear from you :)

I also will share later today a kurdish folk story that was told by not my mother (even though she has toooons) but by Xelil Xemgin (singer)...which will go VERY well with your story :)

Yes it does involve animals...


PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2005 1:41 pm
Author: Diri
My mom told me that story because my father had just broken one of our knives... And it was "qut" (Short) so my mom remebered the story about the "qut" fox :D

But really the moral in the story is that one should NEVER make fun of someone from ones own circles (Kurds) for then you will recieve a different thanks... More like a punishment...

That was the argument! :D I just thought the story about the broken knife would seem silly :lol:


PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2005 6:52 pm
Author: Dilsad
Hi Diri,

mhm...I prefer the story with the knife :) just kidding
Here my story:

This was during a time where Animals had the gift of speech, and could talk to each other.
It is the story of a Donkey, a Chicken, a Lamb and a wolf.

THe Donkey, chicken and lamb were eating together in the woods, having a good chat, when suddenly they saw the wolf...

[color=greenPart 1************************************************[/color][/color]
the chiken thought:
The wolf is not going to come for me, I'm too small, the Lamb would be a much better dinner!

The wolf is not going to get me, he'll either get the chicken if he's tired and doesn't want to run, or the donkey if he's hungry

The wolf won't get me, I'm too big...I can crush him

The wolf:
Well, the wolf came and got the Lamb! and ate him.

[color=blue]Part2 ****************************************************[/color]

So the Lamb is gone, and now the chiken and the donkey are talking to each other....

when they see the wolf behind them...

the chiken thought:
The wolf is not going to come for me, he's ate already, he's just coming around to say hi....

The wolf won't get me, I'm too big...I can crush him...and if he want to eat a dessert, he has the chicken...he must not be hungry....

The wolf:
Well, the wolf came and got the Chicken! and ate him.


So the Lamb and the chicken are gone, and now donkey is only talking to himself....

when he sees the wolf behind them...

Don't worry the wolf already ate the chicken and the Lamb...he's not hungry anymore...and may be I can hit him... :?

The wolf came and took a bite out of the donkey's behind and the donkey Screamed so hard that he made that sound that Donkey make : Hiiiihaaan

Since then Donkeys can not talk, and as a punishment, they can only make that sound....


So the moral for our friends, the leaders in the aware the occupiers are now taking smaller prize but they will come for you...believe me they will come for you....


PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 1:19 pm
Author: pepula
shirin u ferhat 8)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 1:29 pm
Author: Diri
Mem û Zîn ;)

Anybody wanna share a story??? PLEASE! :roll:

Re: Kurdish Folktales & Traditions

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:32 pm
Author: Anthea
I would love to read about Kurdish Folktales & Traditions :ymhug:

Re: Kurdish Folktales & Traditions

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:28 pm
Author: Londoner
The Folktale of Shewe, the Ghost of Night.

Shewe is the ghost of a childless old woman. She visits babies at night during their first week of their life. She embraces the baby so hard the baby dies from suffocation. So whenever a baby born the father guards the baby for seven days from the day of the birth. I remember in our village all fathers used to stand guarding their new born for seven days.

I think this folktale has developed because of the cote death of babies, something no one knew about any where at that time..

Re: Kurdish Folktales & Traditions

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:05 am
Author: thomas12

I could need some help in deciphering the "morale" and meaning of the folk-tale told below ...

Let's hope someone will know the original name, the missing parts ... and the final clue about this story of a girl.

greetings & thank you in advance


--- below follows the text, as I got it from my dutch friend, being in the mountains right now for research on her new book

A guerrilla just told me a fairy tail, in her broken Turkish and my broken Kurdish. I understood it in general but if I could find the full story, that would be nice. So let me tell the general line. If you recognise it, let me know!
A man thinks he is the strongest in the world. He goes on some trip, a horse comes from the other way and the person on the horse doesn't greet him, which he finds weird. At some point he is with this person by a well, they talk about strength, there is some talk about a bread to eat and a bread to throw in the well, I mostly missed the point of this. It turns out the other person is stronger than him, the man is full of respect for strength that is even bigger than his. He says: 'You are even stronger than me, I am your servant now, I do what you wish me to do.'
The stronger man doesn't find this necessary, the weaker man insists, the stronger man says, okay, but on three conditions. 1. I will no longer consider you a man (and the weaker man agrees), 2. we will be friends and keep our promises (and he agrees again), 3. if one of us dies, then we don't take the clothes off the dead person but bury him with clothes (and the weaker man agrees again). There is something with gold and silver and other valuables as well, in the grave I think, or something.
Same day, the stronger man dies. The weaker man is astonished. They had gone to the market already to buy stuff for a grave, that the weaker man had dug and made very nicely. The stronger man is burried as promised.
But the weaker man cant keep his promise, he opens the grave, I think for the gold, silver etc. Then he wonders about the clothes, starts taking them off, it turns out there are many layers. The seventh layer is the last, and then it turns out the stronger man is actually a woman. Which explains why she didn't greet him when she passed him on the horse, as a woman she was not supposed to interact with a man who was not her family. And it explains the conditions.
The weaker man regrets breaking his promise.
Anybody know what the name of the story is?
More important question: what is the message of this fairy tail? The guerrilla asked me what I think the message is, I said I need to sleep over it

Re: Kurdish Folktales & Traditions

PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 1:42 pm
Author: Anthea
Hi thomas12 welcome to Roj Bash Kurdistan :ymhug:

Thank you for sharing the story :ymapplause:

Unfortunately, I have not heard it before but others on this forum may well have done

It might be an old story or one which relates to the modern-day female guerrillas

As for what the message is I can only hazard a guess

The clue could be in the fact that this was told to your friend by a female PKK guerrilla - so maybe it is a story they believe relates to them :ymhug:

The female guerrillas are held in high esteem and are emotionally stronger and more dedicated than their male counterpart

In Turkey, when a Kurdish girl goes to the mountains, she is giving up marriage and any hope of a normal family life - Kurdish girls marry and start a family while they are still fairly young - men, on the other hand, are much more likely to leave the PKK and return to a normal family life

Meaning: Female fighters are stronger than the male and should be respected :D

We will have to wait and see if anyone knows the actual story ;;)