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Kirkuk busy with 16,565 dogs massacred

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:25 pm
Author: Anthea
Kirkuk Now

The attempts for killing unrestrained dogs in Kirkuk are being further concentrated and millions are spent to do so, while veterinarian experts are slamming the brutal act against the animals and are doubtful about the numbers which officials are suggesting.


A huge number of unrestrained dogs are wandering the streets and alleys of Kirkuk and making problems for the residents of the city while the administration of the city decided to kill the dogs instead taking them away and providing suitable sanctuaries for them.

24-year-old Haval Ali, who works in a restaurant and heads to his work early in the morning, says he has been attacked by number of dogs and has been put under medical care for the last two months.

He told Kirkuk Now “The dogs were running after me, I was exhausted and couldn’t run anymore, the dogs attacked me and caused me injuries on the arms, back, and legs.”

100 million ID for the hunting

Kamil Sallaiy, the Kirkuk prefect stated that the second campaign for killing of the unrestrained dogs will start soon.

The committee in charge of the campaign is comprised of teams from the municipality, the health directorate, and the veterinary department. The Kurdistan Regional Government provided 50 million ID for the campaign last year while the Kirkuk administration provided the remaining half from the Petro-Dollar budget.

Seven months ago the Iraqi Ministry of Interior demanded that the police were not to participate in the campaign, as the veterinary department is carrying out their duties instead now. According to statistics of the veterinary department of Kirkuk, in the past seven months 16,565 dogs have been killed.

Veterinarian Burhan Sabir said “I doubt that number, and the environment in the cities is overwhelming. The dogs cannot find water to drink nor their food, and once you have killed two dogs the others will abandon the place.”

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Re: Kirkuk busy with 16,565 dogs massacred

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:35 pm
Author: Aslan
D: poor dogs :'c

Re: Kirkuk busy with 16,565 dogs massacred

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:18 pm
Author: Anthea
Aslan wrote:D: poor dogs :'c

I love dogs, a dog will give his life for his owner, they are faithful and trusting :D
Which is the more harmful to Kurds Arabs or dogs?
They should have used their bullets on Arabs instead :ymdevil: