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Kurdish Poet 'General of Autumn' Found Dead in His House

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:31 am
Author: Anthea
Distinguished Kurdish Poet
Found Dead in His House

Renowned Kurdish poet Mohammed Omar Osman, better known by his pen name as ‘General of Autumn’, was found dead in his house in Sulaymaniyah overnight on Tuesday

Police confirmed that he hanged himself in a suicide act, for reasons not known to the media yet.

‘General of Autumn’ was born in 1957. He was known as one of the top Kurdish poets writing romantic poetry, many of which are already sang by famous Kurdish artists.

The season of autumn denotes delicate romantic feelings in Kurdish literature, in which the ‘General of Autumn’ was something to offer through his works.

People of Kurdistan Region widely posted his pictures on social media in solidarity, mostly sharing three lines from one of his sonnets:

“If I ever take my own life,
Remember that I failed writing a poem,
That could bear my pain.”

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